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Employee Training
Employee Name Course Name Date Course Completed (YYYY.MM.DD) Date Course Expires (YYYY.MM.DD) Certificate
Jose Munos Train-The-Trainer Aerial Lifts / Scissor Lifts 2019.06.17 N/A Jose Munos
Hunter Wood Compact Equipment Safety 2018.05.11 2021.05.11 Hunter Wood
Marcus Abels Arc Flash / Blast & Basics of Working With Electricity 2018.06.22 2021.06.22 MARCUS ABELS
John Smith GHS/Hazcom 2018.10.24 2019.10.24
Anthony Reeve Lock Out / Tag Out 2012.10.24 2015.10.24
Tyler Moore First Aid / CPR / AED 2010.10.24 2018.10.24

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I edit a cell?
A: Simply click on the cell and edit it

Does the change save automatically?
A: Yes. As soon as you type in new information the cell will update

There is a problem with the tracker, how do I get help?
A: E-mail Kyle@upstate-safety.com or call (864) 385-8583

How do I add a certificate to an employee?
A: Email Kyle@upstate-safety.com the certificate